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KAPOOR & SONS(since 1921)

Story: 3.75
Screenplay: 3.5
Direction: 3.75
Performances: 4
Music: 3.5
Dialogue: 3.5
Technical Aspects: 3.5

Overall: 3.64

Kapoor & Sons is a film about a family with deep-rooted troubles. The characters are genuinely easy to warm up to, and the performances are pretty strong. Shakun Batra’s sophomore effort is a finely, intelligently crafted film.It is heartening to see Karan Johar’s film family having grown up enough to get out of their bubble and face some tangible issues. It might remind of your own family issues and make you a bit squirmish but is also largely feel good and entertaining. The film will only make you love family more.At the end of the day, families are all about loving each other despite our flaws and that is what the film conveys.One of the better and mature family dramas from Bollywood.



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