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Story: 4
Screenplay: 4.5
Direction: 4.5
Performances: 4
Action/VFX: 4
Music/BGM : 3.5
3D: 2


4 (2D Version)

3.75(3D cuts the fun.)

Verdict: Civil War is more like Marvel’s knockout statement to DC’s Dawn of Justice.This Avengers meets Captain America film is finely built through the hints that previous Marvel films like Age Of Ultron and Antman showcased. The reason of conflict between the two superheroes is fully justified.

Captain America : Civil War is a proof that Marvel knows how it’s done! Unlike Dawn of Justice, this superhero vs superhero drama will make you struggle to pick sides. In fact it juggles the 12 superheroes and the villianous catalyst quite easily where Ultron faltered tremendously.

Despite being a story heavy film and plotting the emotional journey of The Avengers, especially Captain America and Iron Man ; it still manages to be witty and funny and provides wholesome

entertainment throughout unlike making things unncessarily heavy handed and overtly dark.

Civil War is essentially like a battle royale between superheroes like you’ve never seen before. And in a way that doesn’t bludgeon your senses into numb submission, like some other superhero films we’ve seen of late. As for the action and cinematography, one word – amazing. The climax action sequence at Leipzig/Halle airport is something that might just leave you breathless.

Civil War also boasts of new additions in form of Holland as the youngest Spidey ever and Boseman as the quick and agile Black Panther. Both of them fit in seamlessly into the film while also teasing their own films in the post credits and mid credits scenes respectively.

Thor and Hulk make their absence felt which further ups the ante for Thor: Ragnarok

Civil War definitely lives up to the hype and concludes a superior Captain America trilogy and the film may as well be the very best MCU has ever produced till date.



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