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Story: 3.5
Direction: 4
Music: 3.5
Dialogues: 3.5
Technical Aspects: 4


Verdict: UDTA PUNJAB is a dark and serious film.Also the film’s screenplay jumps through multiple stories at the same time making it complicated. As the film
advances, however, it does seem to slip in parts, especially in the second half. In an attempt to narrate multiple parallel stories, Abhishek Chaubey

struggles to keep it engaging in the latter half of the film. On the whole, UDTA PUNJAB is a dark and serious film that does not offer the traditional
entertainment that audiences seek from Bollywood movies. At the same time, it is bold and brave in parts with strong performances by all actors.

Abhishek Chaubey’s Udta Punjab has plenty of standout scenes, but none matches the sledgehammer impact of the climax. The liberal use of cuss words may be
too grating for some ears. Udta Punjab is not family entertainment, but it is an undeniably magnificent – and purposeful – commercial Hindi film. Do not miss it.

The subject behind Udta Punjab — drug addiction and the nexus between politicians and drug lords — is grim and can be dull; the women take charge in this
one. Credit is due to Chaubey for taking a grim subject and making it interesting. There are a few dull moments in the second half, but the climax packs a
punch. The way the worlds of a cop, a heroin addict, a rock star and a doctor intersect is cleverly shown.

If you are 18+ be sure to give Udta Punjab a shot preferably in your nearest cinemas.



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