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Finding Dory

Voice castEllen DeGeneres. Albert Brooks. Hayden Rolence. Ed O’Neill. Kaitlin Olson. Ty Burrell. Diane Keaton. Eugene Levy.


Pixar seems to have a magical touch when it comes to animated adventure comedies the same way Marvel has with Superhero flicks.Finding Dory is another feather into the cap for Pixar and the film is as good as Finding Nemo, in fact might as well have been better.
The film moves at frantic pace with laugh-a-minute speed and is very successful in doing so.Replete with gorgeous visuals and adorable characters Finding Dory is a winner all the way.
The 3D doesnt disappoint either as it immensely amplifies the vast depths of the ocean the myriad emotions of our marine friends.The voice acting is brilliant too backed by strong direction which makes Finding Dory a must watch for everyone (especially the kids).



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