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Mohenjo Daro

Story: 2.5
Screenplay: 2.25
Direction: 3
Performances: 3.5
Dialogues: 3
Music/BGM: 3
Action: 3
VFX: 2.5
Technical Aspects: 3.5

Overall: 2.91

Verdict: MOHENJO-DARO is not a bad film by any standard as the critics might suggest you to believe.However it is quite bad coming from someone as talented as Mr.Gowariker. The film seems like a hangover of his superior work including Lagaan and Swades but also seems derivative from many other films including Bahubali and Agneepath for that matter.As a result the film fails to rise above the mediocrity of the simplistic done to death plot which does not exceed 150 minutes(quite slick by Gowariker’s standards) still feels a tad long in parts.

Choppy editing does not help much but the grandiosity of the sets and decent VFX (barring the hideous opening scene) give an authentic look-feel.Backed by superb cinematography against the score of AR Rahman the general tone of the film is just right.The action scenes are very well executed and the climatic scene is the highlight of the film which could have been even more effective with greater thematic depth better character development and maybe a tad better hand at visual effects.

Hrithik gives it all and even though he shines in his role the script fails him.Pooja Hegde is also decent but the writers fail her too and she doesnt have much to do.The villians Kabir Bedi and Arunoday pass off as good threats but not good foes.

The film just like its counterpart Rustom is a severe case of lost opportunity with more misses that hits.It is certainly not a historical lesson with a lot of inaccuracies and creative liberties which are even more evident with the weakness of the plot but in my opinion it still makes a better watch than the latter.



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