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Cast:  Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz, Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta


Director: Tinu Suresh Desai


Overall: 2.79

Verdict: ‘RUSTOM’ is a part fiction part reality recreation of the sensational Nanavati case the first unfolds well serving as a guide for the dummies to the details of the murder.Not exactly a mystery though, in fact in the veil of patriotism the film tries to justify the murder by the hands of a naval officer just because he himself and later the general public deemed so.This in itself an idea which fuels anarchy and is sheer hypocrisy from the character of Rustom himself who deems himself not subject to punishment even though he is guilty as charged.To further help his cause they filmmakers add another forced layer of a ‘aircraft carrier scam’ which
ties into the murder and only removes the film more from reality.

The film could have instead been a serious and grounded assessment of a sensational case(TALVAR WAS BRILLIANCE) from the eyes of Rustom who need not be right just because he is a soldier but instead the writers turn a murder of passion into something which had to been done. Sad. others characters behave disturbingly fake the best of the lot being Esha gupta who plays the sister of the victim.She not once seems to be shattered at her brothers’ demise but instead looks like a cheap femme fatale who wants Rustom behind the bars just for the sake of it.

The film becomes a dramedy in the second half with most scenes playing out as a court procedural and a lot of them being (intentionally or unintentionally) hilarious.But not at any point is there a feeling of excitement or thrill to hold our attention.The music seems unncessary as well with the BGM being loud mostly which is irritating.A more subtle score could have helped.
Director Tinu Desai is a lot of hit and miss here and seems to be aping hollywood films and his inexperience shows.

Overall the film is sporadically entertain but fails to deliver what it should have.

Rustom is deemed to have ‘done the right thing the wrong way.’
Well certainly the ‘makers have made the wrong film the right way.’



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