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Cast: Ajay Devgn,  Sayesha Saigal,  Erika Kaar,  Abigail Eames,  Vir Das

Director: Ajay Devgn

Written by: Sandeep Srivastava, Robin Bhatt
Story: Ajay Devgn
Music: Mithoon, Jasleen Royal (Raatein)
Cinematography: Aseem Bajaj
Editing: Dharmendra Sharma

Story: 2
Screenplay: 1.5
Direction: 2.75
Performances: 3
Dialogues: 2.5
Action/VFX: 3.25
Music/BGM: 3
Technical Aspects: 3.5

Overall: 2.5  2.5.jpeg

————–SPOILERS(more or less) AHEAD! ————–

Critical Analysis

Script & Screenplay

The Shivaay screenplay mounted on a weak and arbitrary premise. The hero falls for a Bulgarian girl Olga (Polish actress Erika Kaar). But he is in no mood to accompany her to her homeland.

But that is only one of many falls that the film suffers. The brave, upright mountaineer, on learning that his one-stand stand has impregnated the pretty damsel, makes his bizarrely unreasonable demand.The woman, on her part, asserts that she wants to live her own life and refuses to hitch herself to Shivaay for good.But why did Olga let Shivaay even know about her pregnancy in the first place? It would have been easier had she simply left for Bulgaria and we would not have to suffer this mess. he pleads with the visitor to stay on until the birth of the baby. She does, paving the way for the crisis that drives the cool climber over the edge in the second half of the choppy 172-minute film.

So, the man is left holding the baby. Eight years later, his spirited mute daughter, Gaura (British child actor Abigail Eames), is the center of his universe.Gaura is cute but she punches her father instead of cute cuddles in twisted gestures of love(talk about hereditary traits).She “accidently” discovers that her mom is in fact still alive (contrary to what her father had her believe) and so after a lot of punches Shivaay gives in.They arrive Romania and Shivaay gets embroiled in the fight against flesh trade and child trafficking which causes a kidnap of his own daughter.

Plenty of blood is spilled. The body count is high. And there are car chases galore through the streets of Sofia and the mountain highways of Bulgaria. But the father-daughter relationship, the focal point of the film, does not rise to any great heights. It fails to evoke genuine emotion.

But that is only one of many falls that the film suffers.The lengthy scenes and the second half that endlessly drags its feet are a true test of your patience. Shivaay could have easily been a shorter film with a more gripping narrative had the editing been stricter.


As an actor you can’t really help it if your director treats every scene like it’s an extended showreel. But hold on! Ajay directs and acts in Shivaay and that perhaps is the biggest flaw of the film. There are moments when you admire his vision and be awed at the scale he has attempted to make things work

But a man can only do that much, and things go bad very bad..very quickly especially in the second half where we are subjected to preposterous foot chases by Ajay and his daughter as the goons (in a helicopter with a clear shot wielding AK 47s) ‘shoot’ and ‘miss’ them repeatedly as they run for cover for like miles.It’s as if Ajay has an invisible bulletproof shield all around him and not even once does he or his daughter take one single bullet.Talk of creative liberties.

Shivaay is wanted criminal and yet he can enter the police station and search the premises at will and call for random names on the basis of a random hunch and nobody gives a damn.Even GTA and CS games have more realism than this film where Shivaay would have ended up ‘busted’ or ‘wasted’ even before he could begin.

New Bitmap Image.jpg
Sorry But Reality Sucks. 😦

Had Ajay decided to just act and blow us away  with his action and emotional moments , Shivaay would be a different experience.


Ajay Devgn fans won’t be disappointed. You have a bare-chested Ajay lying bareback on the snow capped mountains opens the film,  making it clear that there will be a lot of Ajay Devgn in every frame. And it isn’t really a bad thing. For someone whose forte is action, Devgn has come a long way from making an entry standing with his two feet on moving bikes to thrusting deadly icicles in his enemies’ torso.

Abigail who plays Gaura is not only a natural but also immensely likable without being annoying.But the script does make her so as repeatedly gives bi-polar reactions to her own father but tames down with the goons.She remains an underused powerhouse of talent.

Erika Kaar plays Olga and should have rather spoken in English instead of awkward Hindi that we are subjected to(still more fluent than Katrina on any day).

Sayeesha plays a..well who cares.She plays the third vertex of an uneasy love triangle.Her role is too small and she barely gets noticed.

Vir Das plays the stereotypical ‘ethical’ hacker who is used conveniently to suit the proceedings of the film.He sleepwalks his role.

None of the characters develop into rounded, believable people. Their motivations are hazy, their actions arbitrary.

Dialogues & Music

The dialogues might sound swaggy but are funny.

Sample this:

Olga: Why Shivaay? Why Shiva with a ‘Y’ ?

Shivaay: Why not?

End of discussion.So punny. Clearly, not much thought went into it.

Bolo Har Har(awesome beats) has been overused as a background score. Darkhast makes up for a pleasant hear.Rest songs are redundant and a song feat. Sayeesha even scales the heights of surrealism with what it is trying to convey.Totally unnecessary.

Action, VFX & other Technical Aspects

Well the action of the film is very good and brilliantly executed but some scenes stretch too long to leave a lasting impact.Some action is unnecessary with no premise whatsoever.Major liberties come into play with Shivaay conveniently managing to get hold of mountaineering gear on multiple occasions so that he perform a death-defying stunt unlike better action films(Mission Impossible) which make smart use of ordinary objects to pull off extraordinary feats.


The cinematography is one of the best things about the film. Bulgaria looks beautiful yet eerie through Aseem Bajaj’s lens.

The VFX is done well too and looks less tacky than it seemed in the trailer.

Yet I noticed (or I did not)  couple of scenes which looked fantastic in the trailer but were chopped out of the film for reasons better known to the producers.

Final Verdict:

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay isn’t an improvement in script sense on his previous debut disaster but his fans won’t be disappointed as he unapologetically punches his way out of this one.For others here are the trailers of Shivaay…and there are 2 of them.

Trailer #1: Action Version

Trailer #2: Emotional Version

Seen them already? Well you just saved 200 bucks and 173 minutes of a snoozefest.Instead use them for Doc Strange next week.



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17 thoughts on “SHIVAAY

  1. I loved the emotion,loved the concept!For once,there is a movie showing a beautiful bond and still people prefer romantics??Seriously,I agree there were one or two loopholes..fine,but the theme song itself said he is the creatir and destroyer so the flaws could have been ignored as it suited him.Loved the flick!My perception.


    1. What happened was that after the trailer.. My expectations with action was sky high. Sadly there wasnt anything else which we hadnt seen in the promos. And that melodrama toward the end was too much. Infact the producers have themselves cut 8 minutes of the film on day 2 itself. Says a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That melodrama was just as it shows a clean bond and dedication of a father.If this would have been from a girl or boy for his/her partner,then what?People would have liked it.Atleast far good than nonsense flicks given by salman!


      1. That nonsense could be ignored as it’s a bollywood flick,here Shahid Kapoor can be all good after geting that uncountable bullets in R..Rajkumar,so c’mon he is Shivaay,and he is superbly dedicated for his daughter.


      2. See thats the point… I expected Ajay’s vision.. Especially after the brilliant trailers.. To exceed bollywood standards. UNFORTUNATELY he could only manage to do that in the Technical department .. That too not enough to satisfy me. Script remained as formulaic and repititive as it could get.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I don’t think it was that nonsense as people have made it,agreed there were flaws..but only that can’t be looked!The concept was new,the lord shiva theme was good and raw.The bond was superb and action was not that bad and the rest is people’so opinion.I prefer a pure bond movie rather than the same KJ’O s flicks!


      4. Well,he saved also.It’s not about the tattoos only a lot more dedication could be seen which probably others don’t.It’s have your opinion I have mine.


      5. See anyone wud save their family won’t they. And this is what I call a healthy discussion. Not trying to force my opinion on you.. Just explaining my thought process. I assumed Shivaay wud be a smart film which it was for most part. But then the second half.. Shivaay a wanted criminal walks in a police station. Not done


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