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Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy

Director: Sanjay Gupta

Producer: Rakesh Roshan
Written by: Sanjay Masoom, Vijay Kumar Mishra
Music by: Rajesh Roshan
Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee
Editing: Namrata Rao
Budget:  80px-indian_rupee_symbol-svg 60 crores (US$8.57 million)
Production company: Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd
Distributed by: Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd, B4U Motion Pictures
Running time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Rating Breakdown

Story: 2.5/5
Screenplay: 2.5/5
Direction: 2.5/5
Performances: 3.5/5
Dialogues: 3.5/5
Music/BGM: 3/5
Technical Aspects: 2.75/5

Overall: 2.9/5



Critical Analysis

Script & Screenplay

Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil is a mediocre film mounted on a grand scale that revolves around a blind protagonist seeking revenge against powerful men. While it seems impressive on paper realism is what the film lacks. The plot in simplistic for a thriller and quite predicatble.Even worse the average viewer can spot the loopholes here due to lack of realism.

First half of the film takes is paced well with the love story of the Rohan-Supriya which is later fast tracked to introduce the tragedy finally rushing towards the thrilling bits in the second half.


Coming to the bits of Rohan’s character seeking revenge, there should have been more detailing offered here.Certain dialogues work their way extremely well and suit the proceedings well.But we have seen enough Bollywood revenge dramas and this one does nothing different and plays strictly by the book leading to a predictable climax.

Hrithik’s method vengeance could have been the redeemer had his planning being more inventive and meticulous but in the end, it all turns out to be more clumsy and less clever with a lot left to luck and chance.



Sanjay Gupta is obsessed with thrillers and tints and especially films from Korea.This one is an alleged remix of Korean film ‘Broken’ and Netflix series ‘Daredevil’ but with even such great inspirations Gupta fails to deliver on the expectations. The director steers away from those weird green tints(Jazbaa and Kaante for instance) but again fails to make a gripping thriller.


Unnecessary dance numbers added for mass appeal also slacken the pace of the plot and only further distract the viewer away from the actual proceedings.Bottomline is that this isn’t Gupta’s  best work as a director.


A welcome change for Hrithik Roshan after the debacle of Mohenjo-Daro. The actor manages to restore out faith in his acting talent with his sheer dedication and conviction to the role.He has gone out of his way to prepare for his role and that’s quite evident here. He nails the action scenes particularly, where you genuinely feel for him being caught off guard because of his blindness. The actor should be lauded for this brave attempt whose efforts are let down but a tired and weak plot.

Yami Gautam looks great as Supriya. She can act and emotes well throughout but then again that’s about it in Bollywood for female counterparts.

Rohit Roy as the baddie looks more comical and caricaturish than menacing.But he does manage to get you to hate him with his mannerisms.hrithik-roshan-kaabil-bollywood.jpg

Ronit Roy is fabulous as Madhavrao Shelar. He picks up a great Maharashtrian accent and his stern dialogue delivery is eerie.He is the second best thing after Hrithik in this film but his role as the main villain isn’t as well defined as you would expect and doesn’t offer much challenge to the protagonist either.

Girish Kulkarni should be Bollywood’s favourite cop. As corrupt inspector Nalavade, he does a great job.Narendra Jha as the lead officer does a good job too.

Dialogues, Music & Technical Aspects

Dialogues are power-packed and are used to great effect especially the one’s delivered by Hrithik’s character Rohan.

The music of the film is hummable and melodious but a few dance numbers could have been shortened or completely done away with to tighten the grip on the narrative.


The production values of the film are decent but on multiple occassions,the locations look semi-real or poorly rendered digital recreations of actual sites.Such hiccups must be avoided on a scale of a film like Kaabil.

Final Verdict:

Kaabil offers nothing more than a ‘blind twist’ on a tried-tested revenge drama which may or may not be enough to redeem your ticket’s worth.But if you are a Hrithik Roshan fan you must witness his comeback after Mohenjo Daro.

For everyone else there is wait and watch(the TV or DVD release).



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