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Story: 3.75
Screenplay: 4
Direction: 4
Perfomances/Voice Acting 4.5
Animation/VFX : 4.5
3D : 3
Music/BGM: 4
Technical Aspects: 4

Overall: 4


A crime story at its centre, ‘Zootopia’ from the Disney stable is an altogether charming, fun-pressed activity film, stuffed with lessons for children. The lessons are so very much disguised in the portrayal that they don’t sound preachy. What’s more, since it originates from this enlivened universe, it can possibly achieve places where it may not generally be heard. But more than simply being uncontrollably stimulating, what will strike you as very reviving is the creativity in the characters.
More so, the voice acting is so spot-on that you can simply picture Bateman (dynamite here), Elba, Shakira thus on as mouthing their lines in a cutting edge film instead of in an energized excursion. The rendering of the characters independent from anyone else is charming without being cloyingly sweet.
This film handles burning issues in an animal friendly way. Racism, gender bias and other ills are trolled with a feminist zeal here. There’s a dark side that references LA Confidential and Godfather with a great deal of punch.
As simple as it could be for the film to over serve the conclusions of equity, mindfulness and acknowledgment at its middle, it figures out how to adjust its sincere truths with good cheer. The primary portion of the film plays like a great Disney take a gander at talking creatures splendidly embedded into human circumstances. A DMV utilized by moderate moving sloths is one of the film’s smartest scenes. A pursuit through a little city of mice where plastic hamster tubes are people in general transportation showcases the film’s sharp and delightful meticulousness.

The greatest quality of Zootopia is in the way it recognizes all to be capable of carrying prejudice and wielding judgement, yet the first step toward change is awareness. What’s more, now like never before, Disney is demonstrating how mindful it is.
Ideally Zootopia marks the start of another period of striking, socially-cognizant animated narration.