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The Man Who Knew Infinity


Movies about geniuses pose a serious challenge to filmmakers , because the temptation to romanticize is very strong, and yet the director must avoid it to deliver a credible cinematic tale.

“The Man…” is a decent movie that captures the life and times of Ramanujan , a mathematical genius . The story of Ramanujan’s life is intrinsically so interesting and epic that reproducing it on celluloid becomes a trying exercise in subtlety and indulgence.

The story and the plot offer little for one to complain about . The casting is wanting . Dev Patel , delivers a good performance , but the remaining Indian cast , doesn’t fit in well.

As far the as the English counterparts are concerned , Jeremy Irons seems a little off colour . He gives a few glimpses of his talent sporadically throughout the movie, but seems to be let down by an ordinary screenplay .

There is an unkempt skirmish among the rest of the English Characters, in that , the director given the paucity of time, couldn’t develop interpersonal backgrounds properly , thereby leaving much to black and white interpretation.

The over all tone of the movie is a little off. However,the story keeps the ball rolling and for this reason alone the movie is mildly entertaining . You will not long for a second helping, but would easily sit through the first screening, even enjoying the drama in real life , as it unfolds on screen.

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Technical Aspects:3.75


Like the Airlift mission which rests upon Akshay’s character, the film also hinges upon Akshay’s strong shoulders who delivers another stellar performance arguably his career-best. Akshay turns Airlift from an above average flick into a compelling watch.
Debutant Director Raja Krishna Menon makes a strong albeit flawed statement with Airlift.
Music is Good and Performances are apt.
Don’t go expecting thrills of Argo or the even the audacity of Baby or Special 26 and you have an entertaining semi-historical drama which will inspire you

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A film so powerful that I am uploading my thoughts about it on the platform itself which it depicts.Not only a solid screenplay and masterful direction from David Fincher the film is alos backed by tense music and a tear-jerking performance from Andrew Garfield who is at par if not better than the leading man Jesse Eisenberg who lives his role like a dream.