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Story: 1.5
Screenplay: 2
Direction: 3
Performances: 3
Music/BGM: 3
Technical Aspects: 3.5

Overall: 2.66

The film picks off 18 months later from the original film’s final reveal which nevertheless unexpected did not make sense.Now the sequel builds up from hereon and keeps piling up nonsense.Suspension of disbelief would be a total misappropriation to digest the proceedings of the film.
The film is not as funny as the prequel and is half as smart in plotting.The ‘twists’ when they come are quite obvious.
The wow factor is also missing as they showcased the best moments in the trailer itself, so there isn’t much left to spare.
The best trick that Now You See Me 2 pulls off is that it constantly bombards you with questions without ever giving any answers till the end (whether they are satisfactory or not is another issue altogether) as it nicks your time and/or money.