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THE CONJURING 2: The Enfield Poltergeist


Story: 3

Screenplay: 3

Direction: 4

Performances: 4

Music: 3.25

Technical Aspects: 3.5

Overall: 3.45

Verdict: James Wan returns for sequel to the atmospheric horror thriller The Conjuring and he manages to impress (scare) yet again.

Rarely are sequels better than their predecessors. When it comes to horror films, that is even rarer. But James Wan and his gang have delivered a really well-made The Conjuring  2 that is consistently engaging, and this time, things are not just scary, but at times, funny as well.

While the original relied on the actors and their environment to deliver the horror leaving almost everything to imagination, this time Wan misses no  opportunity to spring various deformed demons upon you which is mostly effective but wanes away toward the climax.

Even with its cliches and glitches, The Conjuring 2 gets one thing right; it scares the hell out of you.If you don’t believe me then just wait for the scene with the painting to play out.

The Conjuring 2 ultimately succeeds in delivering slow-mounting dread punctuated by powerful moments of absolute terror and is a surprisingly well made sequel not to be missed.