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The Man Who Knew Infinity


Movies about geniuses pose a serious challenge to filmmakers , because the temptation to romanticize is very strong, and yet the director must avoid it to deliver a credible cinematic tale.

“The Man…” is a decent movie that captures the life and times of Ramanujan , a mathematical genius . The story of Ramanujan’s life is intrinsically so interesting and epic that reproducing it on celluloid becomes a trying exercise in subtlety and indulgence.

The story and the plot offer little for one to complain about . The casting is wanting . Dev Patel , delivers a good performance , but the remaining Indian cast , doesn’t fit in well.

As far the as the English counterparts are concerned , Jeremy Irons seems a little off colour . He gives a few glimpses of his talent sporadically throughout the movie, but seems to be let down by an ordinary screenplay .

There is an unkempt skirmish among the rest of the English Characters, in that , the director given the paucity of time, couldn’t develop interpersonal backgrounds properly , thereby leaving much to black and white interpretation.

The over all tone of the movie is a little off. However,the story keeps the ball rolling and for this reason alone the movie is mildly entertaining . You will not long for a second helping, but would easily sit through the first screening, even enjoying the drama in real life , as it unfolds on screen.